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Creative Copywriter (Marketing Design Agency team), Semrush, удаленно, от 140 тыс. руб.

  • Work experience in a creative agency / with advertising projects.
  • Creative concepts development.
  • Script development and copywriting.
  • High English level—С1 Advanced and higher.
  • Experience in working with animation projects.
  • Experience of developing creative ideas for digital campaigns.
  • Experience of work with digital / product brands.
  • Interact with internal clients in terms of task comprehension and crystallization. Here’s where you will need experience of work in a creative agency / with advertising campaigns. Dive into a product’s specifics / competitive environment, analyse a task / a brief and communication channels, give recommendations from the point of view of your own skills and experience. We don’t expect you to be a professional strategist. Still, we expect a candidate to show strategic thinker skills.
  • You should understand the suitability of specific creative ideas in terms of input data, goals, core message, and resources, as well as give constructive feedback on the information described in the creative brief.
  • Creative design and pre-production of video projects and big campaigns. Creative ideas development, copywriting and scriptwriting preparation for animation.
  • At the same time, we do not focus on scriptwriting work only, but consider projects in all their complexity. For example, we’re developing a Concept, which embraces both a scriptwriting and a Messaging system inside the campaign for different channels and media.
  • Together with the Producer—work with incoming materials (communication with internal clients, discussion of project tasks and goals, brief analysis, task crystallization).
  • Together with the Art Director—development and defend of creative ideas, further participation in production as a creative supervisor.
  • On your own—script preparation and copywriting.
  • This offer stands for the remote work format. Digital nomadism, #wfh—call it the way you like, and work remotely.
  • Flexible working day start that would suit a night owl and an early bird alike. You can start between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm.
  • Private health insurance program. Life insurance.
  • Agile approach to work (we’ll gladly teach you).
  • Online English classes.
  • Training/online courses and workshops/conferences/books to improve your hard- and soft skills.
  • Financial compensation of sports and hobbies (gym, dancing, languages, horseback riding, painting, wakeboard… and many more. It’s really up to you!)
  • Corporate psychologist consultations. Mental health is as important as physical well-being.
  • Awesome parties, team buildings and corporate events in different formats—both online and offline, depending on the situation in the world. We can have fun in any case  Контакты: anastasiia.bruk@semrush.com
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